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Voting has been launched!
Dec. 18, 2013, 5:45 p.m. by Chris

We are proud to announce that we on tuesday launched voting on the site along with login for Facebook and Google+ (No we won't add twitter).

What does this mean?

Well, it's simple. You can vote on the movies we have listed on the site and that gets registered on the themoviedb.org website (within 24-48h according to their API). So now you can all be part of expanding the usefullness of the alternative to using the Amazon owned Internet Movie Database (IMDB). At the same time you help us with making the ratings on this site quite a lot more alive meaning that it might not be the exactly the same movies listed at top rated all the time. So, to be able to vote you first need to log in to the site, then you go and just watch the movie you want to watch and above the video windows you will find a 10-star rating option. If you're not logged in it will be replaced by a "login to vote" button.

So, all in all, we win, you win and the open source community wins.

We also put the PLEX app up for approval for the un-supported app-store on wednesday so hopefully it will be added there shortly. The day before we also redesigned our logo which now looks like this:

bring the popcorn logo

We made it in vector graphics so that we can scale it after our needs. We haven't put this on all our various media profiles yet, but it will come eventually. For example the Facebook-page needs to have a backdrop which is more suitable for the new picture and we haven't come around to that yet.

Another update for you guys is that we will hopefully soon be adding a LOT of new documentaries since themoviedb seems to have added basically all the NOVA, Horizon and quite a few science documentary-series to their database, which is aswesome! So just stay tuned and keep showing your support for our site!

Have a great one, all of you!


Ps. The PLEX-plugin is now in the un-supported app-store.

Pps. If you are using adblock, note that this site is run by advertisement revenue which pays for the server we are using. Please consider that and disable adblock for this domain. Thank you!

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